Our Policies


To protect the health and safety of team members, swimmers and all visitors who come to Splashed, we have implemented the following safety measures. 

Attendance Register – please complete upon entry for contact tracing data.

Personal Hygiene – please sanitize your hands upon entry, maintain a 1.5m distance from other and use appropriate cough/sneeze etiquette.

Arrive / Swim / Leave policy – to limit your time at the centre, please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the lesson and depart immediately at the conclusion of the class.

Shared equipment – the use of shared equipment is limited. We are providing buckets/cups/toys/kickboards/noodles etc for individual use during the lesson and sanitizing these items between each lesson.

We also ask that if you or your child are unwell please do not attend. Make ups are available in lieu of all missed lessons.

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Due to limited availability, we don’t pre-book make up lessons.  If you miss your lesson you’re welcome to join another class where a vacancy exists, however it can only be confirmed on the day of participating, ie. make ups can’t be booked in advance. Simply call us in the morning and we’ll let you know all available options for that day. Unlike other swim school northern beaches, we do not limit the number of make up lessons allowed. We just ask that they be made up during the current term and do not roll over to the next. 


Enrolling for the next term is a streamlined process:

Week 5 – is Assessment Week! We assess the progress of each swimmer to determine who will be ready to move to the next level for the following term. So bring your best work in Week 5!

Week 6 – we confirm registrations for swimmers staying at the same level, at the same time, on the same day. This is when you protect your spot!

Week 7 – time for changes! Spots that have not been confirmed in week 6 become available for swimmers to move into. It’s first in best dressed, so get in early Monday morning to book the most suitable timeslot for you and your child!

Week 8 – all of our existing swimmers should be placed for the next term and we now welcome enrolments from new clients.


Swimming caps are compulsory

Swimming caps are compulsory

To provide the cleanest water possible, and ensure the health of all who swim with us, swimming caps are compulsory in all Splashed! Learn to Swim levels. We carry a range of quality caps and goggles that can be purchased in reception.

  Splash iconPARKING

Parking is available either directly at the front door or at the rear of the unit. If all spaces are taken, there’s plenty of street parking on Jubilee Ave. Please do not park elsewhere in the complex.