Swimming Program

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement” Matt Biondi, Olympic Swimmer

Apart from the obvious benefits of clean warm water, qualified teachers, and a happy learning environment, good swimming schools should, like all reputable educational establishments, have a sound curriculum. Here is a snap shot of our unique and successful program:

Splash iconSPLASHED! INFANTS (under 3 years)

Splashed! Tots

Splashed! Tots

In water, babies have the freedom to move, stretch and exercise more freely than they do on land. This environment is tremendous for their physical development and building of muscle tone, strength and cardiovascular system. Our baby swimming lessons are a positive and enjoyable experience for parent and child, and have a strong emphasis on water safety skills and attitudes, essential for kids growing up on the northern beaches. 

Our Splashed! Bubs (4 months – 14 months) and Splashed! Tots (1 – 3 years) lessons focus on establishing early confidence and independence in the water. We introduce propulsive skills through muscle memory techniques. Using conditioning queues, we teach breath control for successful submersions & free floating, essential for discovering natural buoyancy. A parent is in the pool during these lessons.

Our Splashed! Kids class is offered to children under 3 years who are already familiar and confident in a deep water environment. Splashed! Kids are happy submerging under water and have the gross motor skills to actively hold onto and balance on swimming aids like kickboards and noodles. A parent is still in the pool during these lessons.

Splash iconLEARN TO SWIM (3 years +)

We are very proud of our unique Splashed! Learn to Swim program. We believe in a building blocks approach, developing skills to secure solid swimming foundations and fostering a lifetime love of the water.

Clownfish Starfish

We introduce independent, peer-group learning (no parents in the water) in the first levels of Clownfish and Starfish. Swimmers develop water familiarity, balance, independence, breath control, effective free floating, propulsion on the front and back and water safety skills.

We do not use back bubbles or arm floaties which give a false sense of buoyancy and therefore prolong the Learn to Swim process. To encourage independent swimming we use noodles and kickboards. These aids also help to advance gross motor skills like grip strength and balance.

Jellyfish Turtle

Once solid aquatic foundations are cemented, we move into real stroke development in the Jellyfish and Turtle levels, focusing on freestyle and backstroke. These swimming strokes complement each other with their alternating arm and leg actions, mimicking how we are mobile on land.

We maintain a ratio of 4:1 student/teacher in all the above levels, ensuring maximum practice time in our 30 minute lesson.

Frog Dolphin

Frogs and Dolphins complete our program. Stroke correction for freestyle and backstroke continues, and we introduce and master the mechanics of breaststroke and butterfly (ratio 5:1 student/teacher).

Splashed! swimmers are grouped by ability and skill level rather than age. This is extremely important to facilitate quality learn to swim lessons. All children progress at a different rate, and when grouped by ability level, our teachers are able to deliver a single lesson plan where each child is working towards achieving a similar skill set.

“The key is practice, repetition and perseverance!” Laurie Lawrence, Australian Olympic Coach and All Time Legend!