Lockdown is back, but good news is on it’s way!

Until then we support all efforts to stop the spread and encourage everyone to follow the restrictions, protect yourself and protect others.

Here’s hoping we can roll up the pool blanket and crank up the heater for the 17th July and a reminder that when we do, it’s compulsory for everyone to check in at Splashed! using the QR code at the entrance. This is the most effective way to help contact tracers keep us all safe.

New Government support for swimming lessons!

More pre-school aged children will be safer around water under measures announced in the 2021-22 NSW Budget.

The $44 million program will make a $100 voucher for swimming lessons available to every pre-school child aged three to six in NSW.

This initiative follows the success of the Active Kids program, which has seen NSW families save more than $320 million on sport registration fees since its inception. Every parent should enjoy the peace of mind that with swimming lessons their child will be safer in and around the water, and the new voucher program will help to achieve this. This scheme has been described as the type of support that will not only save people money, it could help save lives.

Minister for Sport Natalie Ward said it is critical children have basic swimming and water safety skills.

“Australia is all about sunshine, BBQs and swimming, either at your local pool, beach or river,” Mrs Ward said.

“Families across NSW will be able to use these vouchers when they enroll their children in swimming lessons, helping to ensure every NSW child has access to quality swimming and water safety education before they start school.”

Splashed! have been an Active Kids registered provider since that program began, and once this new incentive is rolled out, you will be able to redeem your voucher at Splashed!