2020 just keeps on giving!

We closed the doors today at Splashed, one day early as a new outbreak of Covid-19 hit our local community. The government has advised residents of the Northern Beaches to stay at home for the next 3 days and self isolate. Thankfully we have one of the best contact tracing units in the world researching the origins of this outbreak and hopefully, if we all do the right thing, it will be contained quickly and our Christmas plans can go ahead. (“fingers crossed emoji right here!”)

For updates from the NSW Government, please go to:

For all local closures from Council, please go to:

I’m more than happy to close the door on a very challenging 2020, and remain hopeful that 2021 be a year of prosperity for us all, filled with good health and happiness.

Please stay safe everyone.

For those that may not know, we said goodbye to a few staff members this year. Emma will be on a break during Term 1 but we do hope to see her back for Term 2, and even better, possibly back in the water teaching! Bec has left after nearly 8 years at Splashed. She will be taking up a full time teaching aid role at a local primary school. Sad for us, but exciting for Laura – she is off to join the Navy! These wonderful team members will be missed terribly but we wish them all well!

For a special treat or as a gift, try this Christmas Rocky Road recipe which is a favourite of mine. You can substitute jelly lollies, clinkers, Smarties, M&Ms, marshmallows,  nuts (walnuts, pistachios macadamias), coconut, glace cherries, shortbread, chopped raisins, sultanas, Tim Tams, Turkish delight and use milk or dark chocolate.

Christmas Rocky Road


Rocky Road Wreath.jpg resized.jpg



  • 400 g milk chocolate pieces
  • 100 g mini marshmallows
  • 150 g red and green snake lollies
  • 200 g Christmas M & Ms


  1. Line a lamington tray with baking paper
  2. Add the marshmallows, chopped up snake lollies, M&M’s and whatever else you want to add, to a large mixing bowl.
  3. Place the chocolate in microwaveable bowl.
  4. Slowly melt in short bursts, stirring in between each burst.
  5. When the chocolate has melted, pour on top of the marshmallow mixture.
  6. Stir until everything is covered with chocolate.
  7. Spread out into prepared tray.
  8. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours until set.
  9. Cut into squares and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

To Make the Wreath Shape

  1. Grease a large Savarin Mould (Ring Cake Pan).
  2. Spoon the rocky road into the mould, making a wreath shape.
  3. Place in fridge until the chocolate is set.
  4. Once set, remove from the mould by turning upside down and taping gently.
  5. Decorate how you wish – Melt some white chocolate to drizzle over the wreath and use some to stick other decorations on.
  6. Let it sit for 5 minutes on the bench before cutting.
  7. Store in an airtight container.

If you have any enquiries regarding swimming at Splashed for the new year, please send an email to splashedswimschool@gmail.com.

We will be back in the pool for FastTrack, our school holiday intensive program on Monday 18th January and Term 1 begins on Wednesday 27 January 2021.

Enjoy your Christmas festivities and your holiday break. We look forward to seeing you back at Splashed! in 2021.