Spotlight on our Infants Program!

In water, babies have the freedom to move, stretch and exercise more freely than they do on land. This environment is tremendous for their physical development and building of muscle tone, strength and cardiovascular system.

The infants program at Splashed! is designed for children from 4 months  to 3 years old. Our baby swimming lessons are a positive and enjoyable experience for parent and child, and have a strong emphasis on water safety skills and attitudes, essential for kids growing up on the northern beaches.

Our Splashed! Bubs (4 months – 14 months) and Splashed! Tots (1 – 3 years) lessons focus on establishing early confidence and independence in the water. We introduce propulsive skills through muscle memory techniques. Using conditioning queues, we teach breath control for successful submersions & free floating, essential for discovering natural buoyancy. A parent is in the pool during these lessons.

Our Splashed! Kids class is offered to children under 3 years who are already familiar and confident in a deep water environment. Splashed! Kids are happy submerging under water and have the gross motor skills to actively hold onto and balance on swimming aids like kickboards and noodles. A parent is still in the pool during these lessons.