The importance of accredited instructors

We’re serious about teaching your kids to swim.

While there’s plenty of obvious enjoyment during the lessons, our ultimate goal is a very important one: to make your kids safer and more confident in, on and around water. It’s a life skill, especially for our local students who have the Northern Beaches as their backyard, so we feel a great responsibility towards them, and to you. One way we can assure you that we’re fair dinkum about all this is the quality of the instructors we employ. They’re all good people, they’re all passionate about that they do, and all of them are fully qualified and certified by AUSTSWIM, the national licensing body for Aquatics in Australia.

AUSTSWIM set the gold standard for aquatic education, and not just in Australia. Splashed! Swim School is a Silver Level AUSTSWIM Recognised swim centre. This makes our swimming program the envy of the world, so when your kids learn to swim with our instructors, you can be sure they’re receiving tuition that is of true international standard. That tuition is obviously strong on technical advice, but it’s also based on values. Check out this list from the AUSTSWIM website and you’ll see what we mean:


These values form the basis for our individual, team and organisational attitudes, behaviour and work at AUSTSWIM:

  • DISPLAY RESPECT – Treat others with dignity and empathy. Communicate with integrity and openness
  • DEMONSTRATE EXCELLENCE – Deliver high performance and demonstrate service excellence
  • DRIVE INNOVATION – Think creatively and develop new ways of thinking. Initiate and embrace change
  • BUILD COLLABORATION – Work effectively within and across teams. Build relationships with internal and external stakeholders to deliver on outcomes
  • EMBRACE DIVERSITY – Value individual differences and contributions of all people and promote inclusion.

That’s a comprehensive list of values, and each one fits right in with our approach at Splashed! Swim School.

When combined, those values ensure your child will learn to swim in an environment where they feel respected, encouraged and rewarded. It helps too that we’re a smaller swim school, and able to provide more personal attention to our students. We can better recognise where each child is on their learning journey, and tailor our approach to teaching them as a result. While the goal is the same – to make kids safer in, on and around water – we know that all our students take a different path in getting there. We’re flexible enough to allow for that.

At Splashed!, we believe in a friendly, personal approach, but we take very seriously the need for our instructors to be professional, experienced and fully accredited. It gives you peace of mind, it helps us maintain the very highest standards of aquatic education and, most importantly, it allows your child to learn from the very best instructors working to the very highest standards. We’ll always be the friendly swim school, but our AUSTSWIM Silver Level accreditation shows how seriously we take our responsibilities to our young students.