Consistency is key to success in the water

At Splashed Swim School, we believe that everyone, everywhere, should learn to swim. The younger the better as far as we’re concerned. That’s why we run baby swimming lessons for infants from six months to three years, and learn to swim lessons for children from three to 10 years old.

In our neck of the woods, we think it’s even more important to be able to swim, and swim well. Being based on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches, where the ocean is nature’s playground for many of us, we think swimming is a critical skill for local kids. It gives our youngsters confidence in and around the water, and it gives their parents peace of mind.

We take great care when teaching that skill, because we’re locals ourselves. We like to think we’re helping our neighbours stay safe around the water, whether it’s in the pool, or at the beach. As a smaller swim school, where we’re able to pay personal attention to our students and observe the progress they’re making, we’ve noticed that consistency is one of the biggest factors in developing confidence and competency in the water.

Our best students are consistent students. They take weekly lessons, and have regular exposure to water environments, such as the beach. They keep doing what we teach them. They develop long-term skill retention and muscle memory, as well as confidence. The kids who stick with it are the ones who can look after themselves in the pool, and in the more unpredictable waters of the ocean. Given that the ocean is in our backyard, this composure in the water is a life skill that should be second nature to anyone living on the northern beaches.

Consistency has certainly paid off for two of our awesome swimmers, Billie and Saskia, who started with us as infants in our Splashed! Bubs level.

Billie White was just 9 months old when she first started coming to Splashed! Now 7 years old, Billie and her parents can be confident around the water this Summer. Saskia Gilligan – started Splashed! Bubs in March 2014 at 8 months and is now 6 years old.

They have both progressed steadily through each level thanks to their consistency and positive attitude. They are now  both in our Dolphin level, having successfully learnt technically correct freestyle, backstroke & breaststroke. Once they have mastered butterfly, they will have the skills to competently swim all 4 competitive swimming strokes!

We are so proud of Billie and Saskia and have loved watching them master their swimming over the years.

This consistency runs both ways; kids have the same teacher at every lesson. This helps teachers and students forge a great learning relationship, with excellent results. Our qualified instructors are all certified by AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia. They undergo extensive in-house training in the Splashed! program and pursue on-going professional development. We might be a smaller swim school, but we’re big on bringing the right people into our team.

Beyond all their qualifications and skills, our instructors really love what they do. Observe their interactions with the kids who learn to swim with us and you’ll see this is true. This makes us a family-friendly swim school, where learning to swim is as enjoyable as it is important. The outcome is local children who can have fun in the water, while being aware of how to stay safe. With the ocean on our doorstep, this knowledge really is a skill for life.