The family that swims together…

Most of you know our wonderful teacher Bec, but did you know that she is mum to two amazing boys that have inspired her to not just stand and cheer on the sidelines but to get involved?

Her boys, Harry & Sam, are extremely talented swimmers that are excelling in surf lifesaving and iron man competitions. Harry has represented his club since U8 qualifying at state for Ironman the last two years and is now U14 transitioning to longboards and starting his surf rescue certificate.

Sam has also represented his club since U8. He completed his surf rescue certificate two years ago and will have his bronze by this October. Since completing nippers as U14 he is now an age manager. He has qualified for Aussies last season in the first aid and champion lifesaver, and this year he also plans to compete in patrol comp.

“I was taking them (the boys) to all their training sessions and carnivals and I thought I should try what they do rather than being one of those parents that cheer on from the sidelines”, says Bec. “I found that what they do is bloody hard!”.

The boys swim 3 times a week and Bec joins them for one of those sessions. She is also in the surf twice a week plus squeezing in theory. Bec has competed in champion lifesaver and patrol comp last yr at state and qualified for Aussies.

“It’s been a massive learning curve and I have a long way to go. But I have a new found respect for how fit and talented my boys are when it comes to reading the surf. Training with them also gives them the opportunity to guide me and teach me new skills.”