It’s never too cool for swim school

Temperatures might drop but our enthusiasm never will! At Splashed! Swim School, we’re year-round, all-weather, any-temperature swim teachers. We’re passionate about what we do regardless of the weather, and we’re just as keen for your kids to continue their swimming lessons during winter. Practice and repetition in the early years promotes progression and success and it’s those young swimmers who come to us year-round who reap the biggest rewards.

As a smaller swim school, where kids have the same teacher at every lesson and receive more personal attention, we get to know them, and can easily monitor their progress. From our experience, the biggest improvers are children who continue swim lessons during winter. They become stronger and more confident in the water. Ongoing lessons help them reach this stage, certainly in comparison to youngsters who take a break over winter.

For kids to develop their skills and confidence in the water, they need to keep doing what we teach them. Taking a winter break can see young swimmers “forget” those things. As long-term skill retention and muscle memory are starting to develop in toddlers, infants, and pre-school aged children, it’s important they keep consistent with lessons and the learning process is not halted by long breaks. It’s a real shame to see kids go back to square one after a break, especially when they were doing so well in their lessons.

Swimming during winter also has major health and fitness benefits for your children. A commitment to physical activity year round maintains a healthy lifestyle and reduces the temptation for us to hibernate away for the winter! Sadly, many parents don’t want their kids to continue swimming during winter under the mistaken belief that cooler temperatures will make their children sick. We’re pleased to report that keeping active, and participating in activities like swimming lessons year-round can build a stronger immune system in your child, so they’re less likely to catch colds and flu.

Splashed Swim School is an ideal place to swim during winter! Our facility is purpose built for year round swimming. We are indoors, insulated from the cold and the water is a comfortable 32 degrees. Our qualified instructors are all certified by AUSTSWIM or Swim Australia. They undergo extensive in-house training in the Splashed! program and pursue on-going professional development. Best of all, they love what they do. This is reflected in the positive interactions they have with the kids. This has given us a reputation as a family-friendly swim school, and we’re proud of it.  

We really encourage you to keep bringing your young ones to us in ALL weather conditions. If you and your kids are committed to the cause, then you can rest assured that we are too. You’ll always receive the warmest of welcomes on the coolest of days at Splashed! Swim School.